The trustees are responsible for the overall direction and operation of CRP and we currently have 9 trustees each of whom brings significant skills and experience to CRP. Each trustee has a specific area of responsibility as well as collectively exercising overall management of the project. The aims and objectives are set out by the Project Director in the 5 year research plan and agreed by the trustees. Researching options and the preparation of Business, Research and Excavation Plans is carried out by the Trustees with support from other members and formally reviewed and agreed by the board of Trustees. Funding options are researched and investigated, and funding applications are prepared by the Trustees. All required permissions and funding are confirmed by the Research Coordinator and excavation plans are prepared in line with guidelines from Historic England, Norfolk County Council and any other relevant bodies.


Alan Pask

Chairman of Trustees
Chair, links to outside organisations such as NNAS and general oversight.

Andrew Ray

Responsible for financial transactions, accounts and financial planning.

Will Bowden

Project Director
Oversight of direction, research and links with University of Nottingham. Oversight of all excavation work.

Mike Pinner

Research Coordinator
Responsible for implementation of research plan and conduct of all work from site identification to publication.

Rhiane Keeley

Excavation Coordinator
Deputy to research coordinator

Responsible for all on site archaeological work.

Andy Woodman

Bulk Finds Coordinator
Barn Coordinator

Responsibility for all post-excavation processing and upkeep of all materials and tools in the care of CRP. Responsible for bulk finds processing and allocation of finds for further examination.

Alex Atherton

Site Support Coordinator
Education Coordinator

Responsible for education aspects.
Responsible for excavation site logistics.

Wendy Shanks

Health & Safety Coordinator
Tas Valley Project
Responsible for advice and implementation of H&S policy on excavation and other activities. Leadership of the Tas Valley Project

Caroline Lowton

Community Coordinator
Responsible for all external links with other community groups including participation in CRP activity.

Val Cossey

Publicity Coordinator

Responsible for links with press and other organisations.

Key Support Members

Ian Jackson

Small Finds Coordinator
Support for research coordinator and responsibility for small finds recording and processing.

Giles Emery

(Norvic Archaeology) Professional Archaeologist
Advice to Research and Excavation coordinators on a wide range of archaeological activity.