Alan  has decided to step down as our Chairman after the members briefing on 22 February. Having been Chairman for 11 years, and overseen huge developments in our work, Alan feels it’s time to step aside. The time is right as we report back on last summer’s excavations and as we begin the process of planning our researches for the next few years.

Alan said:

‘It has been a real privilege to have chaired CRP over such a very positive period of development. CRP has grown hugely over these years, in numbers and organisation, and particularly in the management of the project. We have certainly become a very successful community archaeology group, led and managed by volunteers, and so well supported by our professional team.

There have been many highlights – I am especially pleased that we  have enabled so many members to improve their archaeology skills and to play an increasingly important role in managing CRP. The strength of CRP is undoubtedly in its members – and I urge those of you who feel you have  more to contribute to CRP in the future to get involved – I speak as a volunteer who began as a field walker and in the trenches in the very early days. Being more involved has been incredibly rewarding, if at times a little testing.. if something is worth doing, it’s not likely to be easy!

All this would not have happened without the magnificent support from your team of trustees. These are the people who deserve the most credit for our great progress over the years – working hard throughout the year to ensure our researches are of the highest quality and open to as many members as possible. 

I’m delighted to look back on many successful years of CRP and the friendships and experiences those years have bought – the members meeting will be an opportunity to reflect further ( but briefly) .

I’m also pleased to say that Mike Pinner, our Research Coordinator, has agreed to step into the chair – this should ensure a smooth handover, and a very positive and successful future for CRP.

Good luck to you all!’