Since some members were unable to access the Zoom link, this is a quick summary of the news that was discussed.
The barn. Due to rising costs it will  be necessary to move from our present premises in the near future and seek new arrangements. We have been offered land at the Caistor Hall Hotel on a long term lease where we can build a new base which won’t become available for around two years. In the meantime, we have been offered storage facilities on the hotel premises via large containers as well as room to process and meet. We now have an important and growing relationship with the hotel owners which will support the interests of both parties in the future.
Fieldwork. In view of the complexity of the work on Friston field undertaken last year, we have decided that no large scale excavation will be undertaken there in 2023 since we need to build substantial funding to continue our work.
Our summer dig will take place at the Caistor Hall Hotel between August 12th and 26th 2023. Because of the need to seek early funding, plans have already been developed and we shall be conducting trial excavation of two areas indicated by geophysical work:
1. An area in the back field inside the triple ditch system which has previously revealed signs of industrial activity as well as a quantity of Saxon pottery in test pitting in 2020. (remember that this area continues into Old Hall where we have conducted previous work and signs of early Saxon occupation were revealed)
2. An area at the east end of the field, (previously test-pitted by us in 2020) where geophysics has revealed signs of structures as well as early Roman pottery, similar to that discovered both in the town and at Friston.
3. Depending on numbers of diggers ,there may be some reappraisal of our existing knowledge of the triple ditches.
There is much logistical work yet to be undertaken in terms of dig organisation but permission to dig has been agreed.
in addition, we now have agreement in principle for some further limited work at High Ash farm this year. This will include a full metal detection of Friston field, further geophysics and some test pitting of areas on the paths around the field to determine the age of possible features revealed by geophysical work. Wendy will lead the MD survey and will provide details IDC. .We hope to undertake the test pitting around the easter period.
The illustrated talks from 22nd. 
We are currently considering pre-recording the three talks that we all missed then making them available either on the website or by a hosted zoom presentation. Further information as it becomes available,
Mike Pinner