Barn Reopening

As you can tell from the sunny weather it’s nearly Spring and the CRP Barn at Kirby Bedon will reopen in March
We meet on Monday and Thursday mornings from 9.30 to 12 ish.
The first session will be on Monday 7th March.
The focus for the spring will be to complete the older field walking projects – specifically:
  • cataloguing the finds from the 2010-2011 Field-walking – after which we will either mark and retain or dispose of the material
  • reviewing all of the finds from other field walking exercises which have been catalogued and again either mark and retain or dispose of the material
This will enable these projects to be completed and written up and also to release the crates.
There will also be some animal bones processing for those interested and the progression of our bones reference collection.
If we are able to start some small scale excavation work from Easter onwards there will also be some (probably not a lot) finds to be processed.
Come the summer we will need to prepare for the August excavations and subsequently process the finds through the Autumn.
All members (especially newer members) are, as always, encouraged to come along – hot drinks (with biscuits if I remember), possibly cake, and idle gossip will be provided.
If anyone has any queries or needs directions please contact Andy on

Update on plans

A quick note to assure everyone that we haven’t been idle in working towards research and excavation for this year! We expect to be holding our annual excavation- the last two weeks in August as usual- on Friston Field to the south of Temple Field. Since we know nothing about the depth of the subsoil in the field- and thus how deep and how much time we’d need to remove it- we are hoping to negotiate some test pit work in the early summer.
In addition, we have submitted an application to Historic England to work on the so-called mausoleum building in the grounds of the hotel- which is scheduled. Whilst the test pits and the work at the hotel won’t require a huge number of helpers, we are acutely aware of the need to provide members with opportunities to work and to dig. we expect test pitting and work at the hotel to be ‘occasional’ rather than for a specified period of time. We are hoping to explain our plans fully at the briefing on 16th May- it may be that limited work will begin before then. We’ll keep you all in the loop as things develop!